Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Iowa State University Digital Repository provides a platform for faculty, students and staff at Iowa State University to share their research, scholarship and creative work with the world. Why use the Digital Repository?

 Global Impact

Scholarship in the Digital Repository is openly accessible to a global audience. In 2016, over 3.6 million downloads were recorded from readers in 233 countries and territories.


The Scholarly Publishing Services team does the heavy lifting to ensure that the scholarship of Iowa State's faculty, students and staff is highly visible and accessible, supporting our land-grant mission to extend knowledge beyond our campus' walls.

Learn more about the self-archiving support services we offer.

 Detailed Analytics

We offer Iowa State's faculty, students and staff with detailed analytics on the readership of their work in the Digital Repository. These analytics help to demonstrate the impact and reach of Iowa State research and scholarship.

Readership Activity Map

Location pins appear on this map as publications are downloaded from the Iowa State University Digital Repository. Watch the global impact of the Digital Repository in real-time!





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